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Hi, I’m Tom Seest

I don’t recall when I encountered my first anecdote or why the story impressed me, but I’m sure it was in the early days of my youth. I grew up on the plains of Illinois in the land of Lincoln, the land of the great storyteller. Most of Lincoln’s history is made up of stories, and many of those were stories that he told.

I grew up hearing stories from local storytelling legends like Jon Gartelos and appreciated stories from the master storyteller Zig Ziglar. I listened carefully to each of the storytellers of my youth and learned many lessons from them.

Now, I live on the top of a small mountain in Tennessee, where we have had domestic chickens, cats, and rabbits for a bit. They run around our property and the property of our neighbors most of the day and then find their way home at night. I listen to them as they tell their stories throughout the day.

Over the past several years, anecdotal evidence as passed on through stories has taken a huge beating with the advent or focus on evidence-based science and medicine. Anecdotes are often dismissed as untrue because they remain unproven, even though they are part of the early chain of evidence and serve a vital role.

I’ve decided to create this website where I focus on the stories, the personal anecdotes, where people can learn, have hope, and move along.

In any case, I hope you enjoy my public collection of online anecdotal research and investigation.

Tom Seest